St. Nick

ST. NICK trailer from ST NICK on Vimeo.


Written & Directed by David Lowery
Produced by James M. Johnston
Executive Producer Adam Donaghey
Starring Tucker Sears, Savanna Sears, Barlow Jacobs, Andrew Sensenig, Laura Stone and Mara Lee Miller.

“Without a doubt, the best film at SXSW 2009 was writer-director David Lowery’s lovely, lived-in, slow-burning debut feature St Nick”- Aaron Hillis, Green Cine Daily

“This is a film that keeps going – in your head as you think about what was going on, in the car on the way home as you talk about what may have really been going on.” – Tom Maurstaud, The Dallas Morning News

“…a stunning film.” – Flavorwire

“…the film matures from a study of actions infused with a quiet magic, to a study of inaction, of waiting and drifting telegraphing an increasingly palpable sense of fear and dread.” – Karina Longworth,

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