My latest short film KNIFE is now available for free online.

Here’s some info on it:

Super 16mm

Official Selection: SXSW, LA Shorts Fest, Sarasota Film Fest, Hamptons International, Sidewalk Film Fest, and more.

This film was made possible by a grant from Rooftop Films.

Written and Directed by James M. Johnston
Produced by Alec Jhangiani
Starring Charles Baker
Cinematography by HutcH
Edited by David Lowery
Original Score by Curtis Glenn Heath

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KNIFE in Sarasota

I’ve been so taken with all the exciting stuff happening for PIONEER I’ve been remiss in my KNIFE reporting.

I’m very happy and excited to announce that the film is done (mostly) and will be having it’s worldwide premier at Sarasota Film Festival.  Coincidentally, SFF is one of my favorite festivals!

This will be the first ever public screening of the film.  So far no non-film type people have laid eyes on it.  So I’m excited to see how this initial audience will take it.

We’ve already got a few more great festivals lined up and I will announce those when the time is right.

Also, a trailer is coming soon!

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